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7MT-7muay thai thailand gym rayong chak kra phong ko samet ban phe

GCCWe won’t turn you into a full Muay Thai essence  in a few weeks, however we plan to teach You “real” Muay Thai while relaxing in a Luxury resort with swimming pool, located just 1km away from the sea.The best mental and physical comfort. A sweet wake up in front of the sea and on afternoon training in a real Muay Thai camp with professional fighters:

Running on the beach will help oxigenate your lungs, brain and spirit in a healthy way, followed by training af the gym. After training you can jump in the swimming pool or in the sea that is only 2 minutes away by motorbike. The sea is ideal for the eyes and body comfort, to get prepared for the hard training in the afternoon.7 Muay Thai training thai boxe in thailand paradise beach and fitness (4)

– The training program provides an intensive Muay Thai training with a Thai trainer and an in-depth analysis of the essence of Muay Thai from a technical and traditional point of view, learning as well how score professional bouts. All this will be tought by the thai Ajan (Master).

– The evening is free time and generally dedicated to relaxing and chilling.

– Relaxing nights of sleep or naps during the day are guaranteed by the peace of the nature  in which the luxury resort is immersed in.

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