Video: Mathias and Carlos 7 Muay Thai – Super Muay Thai – 28/02/2016

Video: Mathias and Carlos 7 Muay Thai – Super Muay Thai – 28/02/2016


Carlos & Mathias were the protagonists at Super Muay Thai event of yesterday (28/02/2016), and even though they brought home a draw and no victory, they conquered the Workpoint TV audience.
Carlos (Spain) faced a solid -61kg Laotian fighter (Laos Fight Champion – Laotian version of the Thai Fight, sponsored by Raja boxing).

Even though Carlos precisely kicked his opponent’s face, he couldn’t stop him. Carlos got hit with a strong (faulty) elbow and got counted twice during the first round.
Even after this, Carlos led the fight always attacking, showing the true meaning of the techniques and hard traning at ‘7 Muay Thai Gym‘ .

Unfortunately, Carlos stopped at the first elimination of the -58kg Tournament, because of he got counted twice.

Mathias faced Virayout Maneyotin (63 kg), who at his corner had the Thai champ Aikpracha.

Virayout is a young fighter, 177cm tall with long legs and strong kicks; he recently won the Bayon TV (Cambodia) title (-65kg).

Mathias pushed with punches and kicks and blocked almost every attack of his opponent. The young Manayotin’s talented fighter, showed his (future) champion’s skills and training preparation.

An hard fight that’s also difficult to score (in our opinion); for sure Mathias have had prevailed  and the opponent has proved up his dangerousness.

Mathias is loved by the Thai audience as much as a Thai and maybe even more for his personality and this draw is an incentive for Mathis 7 Muay Thai of to do even better!

Below, full event’s video:

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