7 Muay Thai first “Inter trainers” course concluded

7 Muay Thai first “Inter trainers” course concluded

Last August, the first cycle of training/formation for foreigner coaches (non-Thai) has been completed. It was directed by one of them most talked about camps in the last year or so: ‘7 Muay Thai Gym’ in Rayong, Thailand.

ramonThe project sees the training of Muay Thai instructors who wish to acquire a complete formation ‘on the job’, which begins with putting in work at the camp, with a Muay Thai training set by a precise and specific program for ‘Nak Muays’ (Pro fighters), pad work, strength and conditioning and specific work for what is a fight preparation. The unique aspect of this journey is the study of the opponent to be faced and the creation of a ‘special’ and specific training related to the strategy that will be used to win. On this matter, the 2 ‘intern trainers’ gained a extraordinary knowledge. In fact, they could participate actively in the training of fighters like Carlos, Mathias and Chris 7 Muay Thai Gym, who, during the coaches formation period, had important fights on the line like Lumpinee, Super Muay Thai and also preparation for a WBC Muay Thai international title in Tokyo, Japan.

The ‘intern trainers’ formation was done at 360˚ and got the “Farang” coaches involved in the nutrition part and weight cut, as well. Finally, probably the most exciting part was to corner the fighter on fight day.

The 2 instructors involved in this first cycle where the Brazilian Daniel Ribero and the Spanish Ramon Rivera. We asked them to give us a report on the experience and this is what came out:

ramon spain v“The experience of manager like Roberto Gallo Cassarino, who is been in the Muay Thai world in Thailand for over 30 years, the team of trainers directed by Ajarn Preecha and Kru Mon, for friends “Fit El Diablo”, united with the great ring experience of champions like Mathias, Carlos, Chris, Mekpayak certainly gave us everything we could learn; but, other than learning we found a home, in fact, the best camp is the one where you feel at home after training and where you can improve something you thought you knew well.
Daniel - Brasil v7 Muay Thai Gym is a “temple” of real Muay Thai, but at the same time it’s a modern and clean facility, with 3 rings and a big training space from which we can see the pool, and walking distance from the local beach. Both fighters and amateurs/beginners are training at the camp, to whom are given the same attention that is given to the professionals. We learned to follow a fixed program but in a very intelligent way. We modified this training program based on the opponent that our fighter was to face, and also based on the level of fitness and knowledge of our student.
The camp is basically inside a resort with comfortable rooms which can satisfy every kind of need. It was easy for us to mix our formation with some relax hours on the beach or by the pool. The hospitality towards of us was extraordinary!

Daniel - Brasil nvThe ‘modernity’ ends at 6 am when it’s running time, so like any traditional Muay Thai camp, the Thai masters start to shout and give orders obsessively. A rough method, but super useful to get better! Staying by the side of the Thai trainers helped us blend in with them and learn their secrets, step by step. Of course, putting them to use is more difficult, but for us this is just the start and we will be back to dive deeply into the subject. Parallel to Muay Thai, everyone is trains also traditional boxing, where we were able to be more protagonists and we had the honor and pleasure to transfer and leave something from our own knowledge to the 7 Muay Thai Gym team. Something worth noting is the life at the camp and its strict rules, almost like an army regiment, where at 9 pm the lights go off and everyone goes to bed. Around the camp there are no distractions or entertainment spots. There’s, the pool and the beach, true, and then there is the “happy place” which is the “7/11”, where everyone religiously goes after dinner. The very tasty Italian food on Tuesday reliefs the pain of hard Muay Thai training, but the friendly women that are always mentioned along with the Thailand topic, are not to be found. Very hard experience but very positive, and we suggest it to anyone, with serious intentions, determination and love for Muay Thai, who desire to improve as trainers and corner man.”

Other courses will be set up during the next year, open to coaches from anywhere in the world whom converge towards the motherland of Muay Thai, and in this amazing Muay Thai temple which is in fact, 7 Muay Thai Gym