Card: Best of Siam 8 Rajadamnern Stadium ft. Boughanem, Eakchanachai, Hlali, Bohic, Sana etc – 27 May 2016

Card: Best of Siam 8 Rajadamnern Stadium ft. Boughanem, Eakchanachai, Hlali, Bohic, Sana etc – 27 May 2016

[kkstarratings]best-siam-8-rajadamnern-stadium-boughanem-eakchanachai-hlali-bohic-sana-27516 (1)Best of Siam 8” is one of the most important and well known French Muay Thai events in the World, organized by the famous “Farang” Nak Muay: Jean Charles Skarbowsky.

This is edition will be very special as it won’t take place, as usual, in France but eventually in the 2nd most important and oldest Muay Thai stadium in Thailand and in the world: Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

The event, that will take place on Friday 27th May 2016, features an excellent card with of some of the best Nak Muays of the moment, such as Youssef  & Yassine Boughanem, Eakchanachai Kaewsamrit, Rafi Bohic, Aranchai Kiatpatarapan, Manaowan Sitsongpeenong, Azize Hlali, Samy Sana and many more; between those we want to point to your attention the Belgian brothers Boughanem, who both live in Thailand. Youssef is considered, today, to be one of the best Muay Thai fighters world wide (-70kg category); Rafi Bohic, strong French athlete who has recently defeated Senkeng Kiatjaroenchai by KO at Lumpinee StadiumKompetlek Lookprabat (aka Kompetchlek – ไควาน โซไลมานี่ ) who recently fought at  Thai Fight Samui; Eakchanachai Kaewsamrit former Raja -154lbs, WPMF -160 & -168lbs, Max Muay Thai Gold Tournament -72kg champion; Azize Hlali good French fighter who recently fought Fabio Pinca at the “Nuit des Titans 2016“; Aranchai Kiatpatarapan, current WBC Muay Thai -140lbs champion, who’ll defend his world title against Rafi Bohic.

The organization has selected only (great) French/Belgian fighters, but to make the event more international maybe they could have put up a more assorted card.

Very interesting matchmaking and card that features 3 fights for the prestigious Rajadamnern Stadium title and 3 for the World WBC Muay Thai belt.


  • Rajadamnern 160 lbs Title:  Youssef Boughanem vs Kompetlek Lookprabat  
  • WBC Muay Thai 160 lbs title: Samy Sana vs Eakchanachai Kawsamrit
  • Rajadamnern 147 lbs Title: Azize Hlali vs Manaowhan 
  • WBC Muay Thai +105kg title: Yassine Boughanem vs Benz
  • WBC Muay Thai 140 lbs title: Rafi Bohic vs Aranchai Kiatpatarapan
  • Rajadamnern 140 lbs Title: Anthony Defretin vs Phoneak 

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