Buakaw-Max  Vs. Thai Fight/KardChuek

Buakaw-Max Vs. Thai Fight/KardChuek

Max_mt_buakawMax Muay Thai is the direct competitor of  Thai Fight and in their third event with great pride it will challange the reality show KardChuek that brings the brand “Thai Fight”.

The challenge will be who obtains the most audience on TV, in fact both will go live on TV this Saturday (10 August)  from 15.30 to 18.00. Max Muay Thai will be on Channel 7 while the THAI FIGHT / KardChuek on Channel 3, the most important TV companies in Thailand.


Sittichai – Laem (trainer) – Kem

Thai Fight had a considerable success in the past thanks to the icon of Buakaw (before Por Pramuk now Banchamek).
For Buakaw legal wars are not over, in fact at first Thai Fight supported him in his detachment from his manager Mr. Por Pramuk, who still collects its conspicuous FEE, but then we saw the Super Star escaping this situation. He decided to join the direction of Max Muay Thai Muay Thai or this is what Max wants us to believe. This series of lawsuits has prevented Buakaw of fighting for “real” and  in the first 2 editions of Max Muay Thai he has performed  shows that have gone from the ridiculous to disappointing. But now Max Muay Thai pulls out the ace in the hole and on August 10 in China Buakaw will return to fight seriously! In addition to Buakaw,  the card is full of the best fighters  such as Kem Sitsongpeenong (video of today in the last section of training with Ajan Laem, who in addition to training Kem is dedicated to the growth of Mathias Sitsongpeenong).

Kem Sitsongpeenong

Kem Sitsongpeenong

In our opinion, the most interesting fight will be the one between Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (TH) and Jordan Watson (UK) as the outcome is not obvious even if Sittichai is the favorite.
In the 67 Kg tournament, stands the name of Liam Harrison who defends the colors of Thailand. There will be the strong Saketdao Phetphayathai number 5 in Lumpinee’s ranking (135 Lb 61 Kg); this implies that  “farang’s”, in the tournament, have a distinct weight advantage. Saketdao is a “Muay Kao” boxer, so he’s superior in clinching even if in a 3×3 fight it will be difficult to show what he can really do.
With Max Muay Thai in the tournament its indicates that theres always gives an opportunity for non-Thai boxers to win, as it was in the first 2 editions, this is to be different from Thai Fight’s policy which is known to facilitate Thai Fighters.
On August 10, there will be a big choice between Max and Kard Chuek.

Muay Farang will be present at Kard Chuek with one fighter of the team: Ginga Corba who competes for South Africa.
We believe that the Kard Chuek wont be able to raise the share, which is very low, while Max Muay Thai has a rich and interesting  Card with also the expected return of Buakaw.max muay thai