Card: Super Muay Thai – 31st January 2016

Card: Super Muay Thai – 31st January 2016

The next edition of Buakaw‘s new events: Super Muay Thai, that will take place on 31st January 2016, will feature 2 “7 Muay Thai Gym” fighters.

Week by week, the event is gaining always more popularity, thanks also to the great cards.

In the next edition we’ll find Pang (Burma), a fighter who trains at Sitjman Gym in Pai and at 7MuayThai in Rayong, fighting in the -55kg category; while in the -72kg category we’ll find the Swiss fighter Fra 7Muaythai, a Muay Thai promise, personally trained by Ajarn Preecha and followed by Mathias Gallo Cassarino who will be at his corner.

In the -70kg tournament a strong athlete from Pattaya: Petrung (Imwiset Pornnarai) trained by M. Cinti at Petchrungrueng gym, who’ll face in a rematch the strong fighter Umar Semata (Uganda).


Chok Dee