Results & Video: Best of Siam 9 – Keo Rumchong, Vienot, Rafi, Boughanem… – 29 October 2016

Results & Video: Best of Siam 9 – Keo Rumchong, Vienot, Rafi, Boughanem… – 29 October 2016


Keo Rumchong lost by decision vs Morgan Adrar (video)

Benz RSM lost by decision vs Yassine Boughanem (video)

Chujaroen Dabrunsarakam won by TKO R3 vs Rafi Bohic (video)

Tengnueng Sitjesairoong lost by decision vs Jimmy Vienot (video)

Mohamed Souane lost by decision vs Karim Bezzouh

Anissa Meksen won by TKO R5 vs Dilara Yildiz (video)

Original Article from September 17th:

Best of siam 9 posterThe 9th edition of one of the top Muay Thai events in Europe, Best of Siam 9, will go down on October 29th 2016 at the Halle Carpentier in Paris, France.

We can say BOS 9 highlight will be Keo Rumchong‘s debut in Europe, he is a Cambodian warrior who, in the recent years, got under the international spotlight by fighting a few times at Thai Fight. Keo will fight WBC 67kg World champ Morgan Adrar from France.

Other fights who need to be noted are:

Young Belgian/Moroccan heavyweight Yassine Boughanem (brother of Youssef Boughanem) will re-match Benz RSM Academy from Thailand for the WBC Heavyweight title. Benz previously won the belt when the two fought last May 26th at Best of Siam 8 event, at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

Frenchman Rafi Bohic, who recently fought for the Lumpinee Stadium belt and lost by decision, will fight strong Thai Chujaroen Dabrunsarakam.

Young French fighter Jimmy Vienot will take of strong Tengnueng Sitjesairoong aka Super X from Thailand, in what sounds like a well matched exciting fight.

The only female bout of the night will be between French fighting machine Anissa Meksen and Dilara Yildiz from Germany.

Young Frenchman Mohamed Souane will take on fellow veteran Frenchman Karim Bezzouh.

We have to say that this edition carries less hype compared to the previous edition in Thailand, but anyway, we are sure it will be a good one.

Full Card:

Keo Rumchong vs Morgan Adrar

Benz RSM vs Yassine Boughanem

Chujaroen Dabrunsarakam vs Rafi Bohic

Tengnueng Sitjesairoong vs Jimmy Vienot

Mohamed Souane vs Karim Bezzouh

Anissa Meksen vs Dilara Yildiz

Anthony Defretin vs Aiman Al Radhi

Mark Holst vs Sarin Preap

Photo Credits: Best of Siam

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