Card: Kunlun Fight 45 ft. Buakaw, Kyshenko, Enriko Kehl etc – China – 5 June 2016

Card: Kunlun Fight 45 ft. Buakaw, Kyshenko, Enriko Kehl etc – China – 5 June 2016

card-kunlun-fight-46-buakaw-kyshenko-enriko-kehl-china-5616The 46th edition of the great Chinese combat sport organization (Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing etc): “Kunlun Fight 45 46“, will take place on June 5, 2016, in Chengdu, (Sichuan), China.

This edition will feature the return of the Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek on Kunlun Fight’s rings after 3 months of absence; in fact Buakaw’s last fight was against the Chinese Kong Lingfeng at Kunlun Fight 39 held on 20th March 2016.

We have to say that Buakaw doesn’t fight against “high level” fighters from almost a year, in fact the last notable fight was the one against the strong emergent Russian Khayal Dzhaniev, who defeated and cut (face) him during the TopKing World Series70kg tournament semifinals on July 28, 2015. But, we need to say that Buakaw is one of the major contributor of the modern Muay Thai, who has a record of over 400 fights and has won many of the most prestigious world titles (except for the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium) and at the age of 34, he still makes a good show.

Notable athletes in the card are also the strong Ukrainian Artur Kyshenko, who recently faced Murthel Groenhart at Kunlun Fight 43; the German Enriko Kehl, who recently defeated the good Chinese Jiao Fukai by TKO (R2) at WLF: Glory of heroes 2; the Iranian Eisa Alamdar (aka Seyedisa Alamdarnezam); an lastly the well promising Australian Hussein Al Mansouri.

Kunlun Fight 46 Card*:

Kunlun Fight -70kg Tournament Group 13:

Semifinal 1: Enriko Kehl (Germany) vs Ky Hollenbeck (United States)

Semifinal 2: Yuichiro Nagashima (Japan) vs Gu Hui (China)


  • Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) vs Wang Weihao (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg
  • Seyedisa Alamdarnezam (aka Eisa Alamdar | Iran) vs Kong Lingfeng (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg
  • Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) vs Jonatan Oliveira (Brazil)  – Kickboxing – 80kg
  • Hussein Al Mansouri (Australia) vs Nuerla Mulali (China) – Kickboxing – 75kg
  • Shana Lammers (Indonesia) vs Wang Kehan (China) – Kickboxing – 64kg
  • TBA (Ukraine) vs Wu Xuesong (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg


  • Koji Shikuwa (Japan) vs Wang Sai (China) – 85kg
  • Jan Quaeyhaegens (Belgium) vs Zhang Lipeng (China) – 75kg
  • TBA (South Korea) vs. TBA (China)  – 66kg

*Source: Kiksie