Card: Saenchai, Pakorn, Hlali e altri – Phoenix 2 – 29 April 2017

Card: Saenchai, Pakorn, Hlali e altri – Phoenix 2 – 29 April 2017

The Lebanese promotion, Phoenix Fighting Championship, with only one event to date, has already spread their name quite a bit. Surely, one of the main reasons being having Buakaw Banchamek fight in their opening event (link) last year. Now, Phoenix 2 is underway and it will take place tomorrow (April 29th 2017) in Beirut, Lebanon.

The main event will see another Muay Thai Saenchai vs Hlali Phoenix 2legend, Saenchai take on one of the best french fighters, Azize Hlali, in what will be a pretty interesting fight. The pair will fight for the Phoenix champion belt at 63.5 kg.

Another Thai star is on this card, Saenchai‘s old rival and now training partner: Pakorn. He will also face a french fighter, Morgan Adrar, who was present in Phoenix’s first event. This fight will be for both the Phoenix and the WMC world title at 67 kg.Steven Banks Phoenix 2

A super heavy weight bout is also scheduled for tomorrow night, as very skilled American, Steven Banks, will take on Dutch Wendell Roche. Banks has been fighting a lot in China and Thailand, with good success.

In the only female bout of the night, Antonina Shevchenko from Peru’ will face Swedish fighter Isa Tidblad Keskikangas for both the Phoenix and the WMC world champion belts in the 63.5 kg (female) weight class.

Full card:

(main event)

Saenchai PkSaenchaiMT vs Azize Hlali

Pakorn PkSaenchaiMT vs Morgan Adrar

Wendell Roche vs Steven Banks

(female bout)

Antonina Shevchenko vs Isa Keskikangas

Armen Grigoryan vs Xie Wei

Mohamad Ghorabi vs David Willmott

Kassem Daher vs Mohamad Salama

Jihad Mekdad vs Moise Rimbon

Ziad Sinno vs Mohanad Hussein

Ahmed Labban vs Ahmed Ibrahim

Phoenix 2 fight card

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