Curiosity:man from crowd vs heavyweight champion.

Curiosity:man from crowd vs heavyweight champion.

Tim Tomashek, have you ever heard this name?

Well,  probably you have never heard about this chubby, mullet haired club fighter from Indiana, but he somehow became starring of one of the most incredible stories of boxing.

Here the story as reported by Chicago Tribune:

Tim had just finished his shift as a forklift operator at a local department store when he took a call from his boxing manager: ‘Mike Williams is creating problems to fight Tommy Morrison before the scheduled bout, promoter Bor Arum is looking for a potential last minute replacement in case things would go sour and you will get paid 2500 $ just to show up at the dome.’

Tim didn’t miss the opportunity of cashing an easy paycheck, and show up at the stadium- and as stated by witnesses- he was enjoying the show while eating a hot dog(you can see a picture of him in the stadium).

With the undercard going, well known  Bruce Trampler rushed him to the changing room to get ready for the most unexpected shot at the WBO heavyweight championship of the world, as Mike Williams refused to fight just 2 hrs before tohe scheduled time and Tim was now designed as the official heavyweight contender.

Tommy Morrison-that took the interim belt just 2 months before by legend George Foreman and that many remember as starring in Rocky 5 as Tommy Gunn- had then to face unknown journeyman Tim,that will manage to survive to eventually get retired from the stool by his corner at the end of rd. 4.