Video: The King is down!

Video: The King is down!

giorgio knowckedA news that we wouldn’t want to share, but this what happens on the ring.

Today in the first semifinal of Glory 12 New York, Giorgio Petrosyan undefeated since 2007  lost by KO (left hook) against the Surinamese-Dutch Andy Ristie.

It seems that Giorgio had problems with his hand and knowing his technical qualities we can only suppose he lost concentration because of pain. In fact he won the first two rounds, which doesn’t take nothing away from Andy Ristie who has all the merits and glory of Madison Square Garden of New York.

The dutch Robin Van Roosmalen wins by points in the semifinal against the Georgian  Davit Kiria.

In the final  Andy Ristie knocks out Robin Van Roosmalen and becomes the new Glory 2013 Champion!

Fights results


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