Flash News: Carlos Coello vs Payakdam Sor.Panyokit – 16th August 2016

Flash News: Carlos Coello vs Payakdam Sor.Panyokit – 16th August 2016

Carlos Coello Canales,

carlos ginocchio

who’s already considered the number one spanish fighter in his weight in Thailand, on 16th August will try to conquer the prestigious “Muay Siam Pak Neua” title, that is the north Thailand championship. This opportunity is offered by a partnership between the 7 Muay Thai gym and the SitJemam gym in Pai (North Thailand).

Obviously Carlos will face the best fighter of the north: the 19 y.o. fighter Payakdam Sor.Panyokit, who in the last year has conquered several victories by KO, thanks also to his great skills on kicks and punches; in short, a great opponent for a ‘farang’.

Mr. Roberto Gallo Cassarino, Carlos’s manager, stated: “It’s normal that we get called up from north Thailand to go there so the local Thai can win the belt; it always happens, also with Mathias, and we are used to ruin their plans. They chose an opponent that locally gets called “fighter” for his style of fighting, meaning that he works a lot with strong punches and low kicks; in short he does what in general most ‘farang’ fighters do. Carlos is currently training specifically for this opponent and to bring home the Northern Thailand belt. We’re not sure that we’ll win and we respect the opponent that’s why we already brainstormed and discussed the strategy, that still is under development. A Muay Thai fight is very similar to a chess battle, even though many people dont think it this way; if you fail a move you’ll need to KO your opponent in the 5th round.

As usual, only the ring will be the real judge! For friends and spanish fans, I just say ‘Carlos… ‘hasta la victoria siempre!’

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