Flash News: Gery Bavetta wins in the ‘main event’ at Lumpinee Stadium 07/03/15

Flash News: Gery Bavetta wins in the ‘main event’ at Lumpinee Stadium 07/03/15

After a couple of program changes, “The Sicilian PrideGery Muay Farang yesterday (07/03/2015) fought at Lumpinee Stadium in “main event” event organized by the famous Promoter Pumphanmuang.

The Muay Farang Team fighter faced the Thai emergent: Kaopong Sor. Dechapan.

A fight for the “real” Muay Thai lovers. The Thai audience was thrilled and fell love with a “new” Gery 7MuayThai GYM (as written on the card), who showed what the results of the hard work in Italy from his Master Massimiliano Cacciato and joined it with the Bangkok’s big stadiums fighting style.

Choosing to move back to Thailand and the advantage of training in a Camp, where Gery is at home, just like “7 Muay Thai Gym, gave him the possiblity to find the right balance to transform his fighting style and to convince the difficult audience of the Lumpinee Stadium.

Gery prepared for this fight with his team brothers: Mathias & Ginga and in the last days also Melo, the youngest members of the team. Roberto’s stick and Arjan Prechaa 7 Muay Thai’s commitment and screams has paid off, but for Gery has been very hard, especially psychologically. For a fighter nicknamed “the little tractor” who always attacks, forced to work with counterstrikes, it is not an easy achievements. So we can say: team work wins, and this team wins and grows!

Gery is the second Italian to fight in the main event at Lumpinee against a Thai, the first was Mathias Gallo Cassarino in the magic and old Lumpinee. We have to note that another strong Italian, Claudio Amoruso, fought as main event at Lumpinee, against a “farang”.

You will soon see the video where gery conquers the soul of Lumpinee Stadium, fighting 5 perfect rounds in a perfect “Fee Meu” style, controlling the fight and the opponent and closing with a score of: 49 : 47, 50 : 47, 49 : 47

Chok Dee