Video & Results: Glory (36) Collision – Badr Hari, Sittichai, Pinca, Verhoeven, Salvador, and many others – 10/12/2016

Video & Results: Glory (36) Collision – Badr Hari, Sittichai, Pinca, Verhoeven, Salvador, and many others – 10/12/2016


(Main EventRico Verhoeven won by TKO R2 (broken arm) vs Badr Hari (video)

(Lightweight title fight)

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong won by decision vs Marat Grigorian (video)

(Welterweight title fight)

Nieky Holzken lost by decision vs Cedric Doumbe’ (video) (video 2)

Mosab Amrani won by decision vs Fabio Pinca (video)

(Lightweight contender tournament final)

Dylan Salvador won by decision vs Hysni Beqiri (video)

(Lightweight tournament semi-final 1)

Antonio Gomez (replaced Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai) lost by decision vs Hysni Beqiri (video)

(Lightweight tournament semi-final 2)

Dylan Salvador (replaced Davit Kiria) won by decision Vs Anatoly Moiseev (video)

(Women’s Super Bantamweight Grand Prix/Championship fight)

Tiffant Van Soest won by decision vs Amel Dehby

(Women’s Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi-final 1)

Tiffant Van Soest won by decision vs Jessica Gladstone

(Women Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi-final 2)

Isis Verbeek lost by decision vs Amel Dehby

Ismael Londt lost by decision vs Jaman Ben Saddik

Danyo Ilunga lost by decision (extra round) vs Michael Duut

Harut Grigorian won by KO R1 vs Daniel Solaja

Andrej Bruhl lost by decision vs Tyjani Beztati

15078688_1153550458059653_3308828594001830622_nAs is combat sports tradition, the end of the year is synonymous of great events, in fact, Glory Kickboxing has put up a card of great magnitude for Glory 36 also named Glory Collision, which will take place this Saturday December the 10th 2016 at the König-Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

The event will be headlined by the return to the big kickboxing stages of Duch/Moroccan superstar Badr Hari, a very famous fighter, for both his accomplishments, his personality but also for his problems outside the rings and his, at times, questionable behavior on the ring; he will take on current Glory Heavyweight World Champion Rico Verhoeven, also from the Netherlands, who has defended his title 5 times and now looks to take his career a step beyond by fighting one of the most dangerous and famed kick-boxers ever; this is a fight that K1 rules fans have been waiting for a while.

Info for our readers: Glory divides the event in 3 sections: Glory Collision, Glory 36 SuperFight series and Glory 36 Germany. Each part of the event will have its own card and of course its own main event, but to simplify things for our readers we will describe it as one single card, highlighting the names and the bout that we find more relevant also in connection to the Muay Thai world, as a few known Muay Thai fighters will take part in this event.

Lets talk about the other fights on this card:

Sittichai Glory 36Current Glory Lightweight (70kg) World Champion, Thailand’s own Sittichai Sit2PN will make his first title defense against Armenian Marat Grigorian, this fight is about to become a trilogy, as Sittichai has already beaten Marat twice in the past.

Thailand will have not only one but two fighter in this card, as KO artist Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai will be fighting in the Lightweight contender tournament against Swiss
fighter Hysni Beqiri; Yodkhunpon has already fought in Glory twice in the past, the last time he lost against former Glory Featherweight (65kg) champion Gabriel Varga. So
this time he has gone up a weight class to try and become the next 70kg contender by winning this 4 men tournament, and if fellow Thai, Sittichai will be able to defend his title, than we will see an all-Thai Glory title fight, one that every Muay Thai are excited about. Although, this will not be an easy task for Yodkhunpon, as the other seminal will
see former Lightweight champion Davit Kiria from Georgia take on Russian Anatoly

French Muay Thai star Fabio Pinca will make his return to kickboxing and he will face Fabio Pinca Glory 36Moroccan/Dutch Mosab Amrani, the pair has already fought in the past (under Muay Thai) rules at Thai Fight 2011 tournament semifinal in Bangkok, Thailand.

There will be a second tournament as well, as the women’s Super Bantamweight Grand Prix has reached the semi-finals, after the Tiffany Van Soest Glory 36quarter-finals were held at Glory 30 last May. The first semi-final will see former Lion Fight champion Tiffany Van Soest from USA take on Jessica Gladstone from Canada,
and Dutch Isis Verbeek will face French Amel Dehby, who is currently undefeated. The winners of these two bouts will fight later on the same night and the winner will be crowned first ever Glory Super Bantamweight Champion.

The Welterweight (77kg) title will also be on the line, as current Dutch champion Nieky Holzken will attempt to defend his title for the 5th time, against French/Cameroonian Cedric Doumbe‘.

Full card:

(Main EventRico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs Marat Grigorian

Mosab Amrani vs Fabio Pinca

(Lightweight tournament semi-final 1)

Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai vs Hysni Beqiri

(Lightweight tournament semi-final 2)

Davit Kiria Vs Anatoly Moiseev

(Women’s Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi-final 1)

Tiffant Van Soest vs Jessica Gladstone

(Women Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi-final 2)

Isis Verbeek vs Amel Dehby

Nieky Holzken vs Cedric Doumbe’

Ismael Londt vs Jaman Ben Saddik

Danyo Ilunga vs Michael Duut

Harut Grigorian vs Daniel Solaja

Andrej Bruhl vs Tyjani Beztati


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