Info: WMF Muay Thai 2016

Info: WMF Muay Thai 2016

info-wmf-muay-thai-2016-world-muaythai-federation-barbuto-caravello-zahe-muay-farangThe 13th edition of the well known World Muay Thai Championships W.M.F. (World Muay Thai Federation), led and coordinated by Gen. Akachai Chantosa and Gabriella Murg, will take place from 12th to 22nd March in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event has gone through many internal and location changes; in fact 2 years ago (2014) the event didn’t take place in Bangkok, as usual, but in Pattaya, with the collaboration of Muay Farang management.

With great satisfaction by many people, last year;s edition was held at the Mecca of Muay Thai: the Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok; the peculiarity was that women, who are not allowed to fight inside the stadium, had to fight just outside. As many of you know, in Thailand, for cultural reasons, women are not even allowed to touch Lumpinee’s ring, or any ring at any big stadium for that matter (News).

Part of the Italian team, led by M. Carlo Barbuto (and M. Nicola Caravello), is already in Thailand to finish their preparation at “7 Muay Thai Gym” in Rayong.

Amongst the fighters there’s Christian Zahe who recently defeated the Chinese Chu Han at Thai Boxe Mania (Torino).

Below an offical statement from “WMF” :

“There are country participants and national teams from all 5 zones: Austral\Oceania, America’s, Asia, Europe and Africa. There are over 450 registered participants in all Categories and Divisions: Cadet, Youth, Seniors (Male and Female) Amateur and ProAm. We expect over 30million viewers for the Championship due to the. Satellite uplink we have provided to all our members back home. Eurosport, Channel 3, Kombat TV, Pattaya TV and few other TV stations and media outlets will be presents during the event.”

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