Fighter interview: Simon Marcus

Fighter interview: Simon Marcus

Hereunder an interview made by Muay Farang news room to the well known Canadian Muay Thai Champion: Simon Marcus, who’s one of the best 80kg+ in the world.

MF: First, let’s start by talking about your history, when did you start fighting Muay Thai?

Simon: I had my first Muay Thai fight at the age of 18 years old.

MF: We know you have beaten Kaoklai Kaenorsing in Bangkok, tell us more about your other fights in Thailand; where with who and when?

Simon: Well I’ve fought many times in Thailand mostly when I first started fighting as a pro. I fought in the Kings Cup show twice, both against a Swedish fighter and an Iranian. I’ve also competed multiple times in Chiang Mai against some Thai fighters but it is difficult to remember or keep track of these opponents. One notable opponent I fought was in Pattaya in 2013, Suriya Prasathinphimai, he was a legendary fighter and also a sliver medal boxer in the Olympics.

MF: What titles do you have and which one are you currently seeking to win?

Simon: I have the:

  • WBC Light Heavyweight World Tiltle
  • Lion Fight Light Heavyweight World Title
  • WPMF Light Heavyweight World 
  • WLF Light Heavyweight World Title
  • Kunlun Fight World Title

I am set out to capture the Glory Middle Weight World Title at the moment. This is the title that I am focussed on.

MF: Which gym are you currently training in your home country, Canada?

Simon: I train out of “Siam No1 Muay Thai Academy”.

MF: Where do you normally train when you come to Thailand?

Simon: I usually train at Banchamek gym as of the past couple years and this is my home gym away from home when I travel to Thailand.

MF: Soon (May 8, 2015) you will face again an other great fighter, the Russian Artem Levin in the biggest kick boxing event in the world: Glory 21.

How many times did you fight Artem, under what rules and how did it go?

Simon: I fought with Artem Levin once under full Muay Thai rules. I won the fight by decision it was a great competition.

MF: What do you think of him?

Simon: I think he is a good skillfull fighter but I don’t regard him as the best as many do.  He will have to suffer another loss to me and be reminded who is the best on this planet.

MF: What’s your strategy to beat him this time?

Simon: Tune in May 8th and everyone will see.

MF: Do you think this will this be your toughest fight, since you are also fighting for the Glory World Title?

Simon: I’m preparing as if it will be but I can only answer that after the fight is over.

MF: Finally, what is your opinion on Muay Thai in Canada and in the US?

Simon: I believe Muay Thai in Canada and the USA has grown tremendously in the past years and continues to grow. I know there is a following but it has yet to become as mainstream as MMA or Boxing. I can only project that one day it will reach the same popularity and respect for its entertainment value and great tradition.

Chok Dee