K-1 World Max Final Four: Buakaw, Enriko Khel, Lee Sung-Hyun and Shane Campbell

K-1 World Max Final Four: Buakaw, Enriko Khel, Lee Sung-Hyun and Shane Campbell

k-1 finalUpdate 25-01-2014

On Febraury 23, 2014 will be held the  K-1 World Max final in Azerbaigian State of the region of caucasus.

To contend the K-1 World Max Title there will be the 4 finalists of the last two quarter finals events:

-Foshan’s quarter final (Febraury 28, 2013 News): Buakaw Banchamek who won by pts vs Zhou Zhipeng – Video and the Canadian Shane Campbell who won by TKO vs Christopher Mena.

-Gran Canarasia’s quarter final (January 11, 2014): Lee Sung-Hyun who won by pts vs Elam Ngor and Enriko Khel who wont by pts vs Maximo Suarez.

The two pairings will be announced soon but will be interesting to see a possible rematch between Enriko Khel  and Buakaw since the Thai won by points (Muay Thai 3×3 fight) in the last Max Muay Thai event in Khon Kaen (News e Video).

The final will be live streamed on K-1’s official website – Link.

In the superfights there will be the Young Ukraine K-1 fighter Alim Nabiev  who trained at  Muay Farang Gym Pattaya. In this event Alim will face the English  Chad Sugden.

Who will be the K-1 World Max winner?

  • K-1 World Max Final 4 : Thailand Buakaw Banchamek vs. South Korea Lee Sung-Hyun
  • K-1 World Max Final 4 : Canada Shane Campbell vs. Germany Enriko Kehl
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Agalar Sadikhzade vs. Suriname George Colin
  • Superfight : Spain Maximo Suarez vs. TBA
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Tural Bayramov vs. Canada Mukai Maromo
  • Superfight : Turkey Samet Kesser vs. Romania Lazar Daniel
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Ismat Agazade vs. Suriname Cedric Manhoef
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Ziya Bayramov vs. TBA
  • Superfight : Ukraine Alim Nabiev vs. United Kingdom Chad Sugden
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Babek Rustamov vs. Romania Miodrag Olar
  • Superfight : Russia Ruslan Kobzev vs. Netherlands Dennis Matthew
  • Superfight : Azerbaijan Amil Sahmarzade vs. Morocco Zakaria Zougarry

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