Bangkok Stadiums plagued by gambling and gamblers

Bangkok Stadiums plagued by gambling and gamblers

As illustrated in the guide “Muay Thai Gambling“, Muay Thai in Thailand is synonymous of gambling.

In most Stadium in Thailand there’s always a group of gamblers, who are an important factor in general, but also a penalizing factor in cases like this one.

Gamblers are often a deterrent for the judges and often professional gamblers give big tips to the fighters who make then win.

This from one side is good since fighters get more money from gambling rather than from the purse, for example in Pattaya purses are very low but well known fighters get money from the gamblers, if they win.

Unfortunately, big gamblings on one fight have resulted in, very rare but still existing, cases of fighters poisoning. As it happend yesterday at Rajadamanern Stadium, where two fighters from Or. Kwanmuang gym: Saeksan and PetU-thong (Saeksan should have faced Superbank MorRatanabandit, for the Rajadamnern 130lbs Title – News) were drugged after the check weight process. As we can see in the video PetU-thong fainter during an interview with the purpose to explain all this.

It’s not the first time this happens, in fact in the last year and half two well known fighters were been drugged before the fight.

This is a very sad episode, especially because generally is a trainer or somebody of the gym to fall into temptation and commit these awful actions, and nullify the efforts of the camp and fighters, with the risk if ruining the good name of Muay Thai.