Mathias defeats Rungravee and Chommanee saves Thailand

Mathias defeats Rungravee and Chommanee saves Thailand

Mathias-Gallo-Cassarino-vs-Rungravee-Sasiprapa-Barcelona-Muay-Farang (8)The new international event “The Circle” finally took place on 12th September 2015 in Barcelona, Spain; as the name says the event is characterized by a round ring.

Saturday’s fight night was the first of a serie of events, in which different nations compete on this special ring. The Italian team couldn’t miss having Muay Farang Team Captain: Mathias Gallo Cassarino.

The Italian team was led by M. Carlo Barbuto & Massimo Rizzoli and composed by Mathias, Donatella Panu, Gabriele Casella & Fabio di Marco; the Italian team faced in the first round the Thai Team.

Quite strange for Mathias to compete for Italy against Thailand, overseas, since as many know, in Europe Mathias is considered as a Thai; in fact Mathias lives in Thailand from over 10 years and trains at 7 Muay Thai Gym in Rayong, the new Muay Farang associated camp that has made itself known around the world in the last 6 month.

Mathias faced the Thai star Rungravee Sasiprapa (TH); an fighter he already faced last year at his hometown: Surin (Thailand), at “Combat Banchamek” event organized by his cousin Buakaw Banchamek.

That fight ended up as a draw, even though many Muay Thai expert thought Mathias won. Therefore, after 1 year Mathias had the possiblity to show the world who really was the winner. Both of the fights were pretty close and so we believe a 3rd fight could come out, and for sure this time it will be on 5 rounds.

Saturday, the two champions fought under different rules of how they normally fight, in fact “The Circle” rules was with only 5 seconds of clinch, no elbows and every shot (also punches) counted 1 point; also the circular ring counfused the two fighters a bit, in our opinion.

Beside being a former Channel 7 Stadium Chamion, Rungravee is also known to be very tough and often is compared to a “buffalo”, because he always goes forward without showing pain; a difficult opponent for many fighters, with strong and precise shots.

Mathias handled the fight very well, mostly because of his self-confidence and determination to have his revenge the earlier fight which ended up a draw, last year, as well thanks to his corner who encouraged him to keep going forward and to show his superioriority.

7 Muay Thai Gym lead by Ajarn Preecha, studied a different strategy for him, since every shot counted 1 point, and so Mathias this time used very well punches, knees.

The work done by M. Massimo Spinelli at the camp, also was very helpful for Mathias’s boxing skills. M. Massimo also recieve an important offer to permanently enter  7 Muay Thai Gym’s (Thailand) techincal team.

Mathias remained calm while takin the Thai’s shots, and indeed he even challanged him to do better by gesturing with his hands. The Italian fighter answered to every shot, forcing his opponent who normally is the one attacking, to back off and cover from Mathias’s Muay Farang (as introduced to the audience) strong and fast series.

The fight was very close, but Mathias gave that little more every round to convince the referees to give him the victory, even though Mathias made a fault against Rungraveee (elbow in the 3rd round) that was obviously involuntary and followed by a public apology.

Unfortunately, even with Mathias’s victory, the Italian Team lost 3 – 2; in fact the Thai team was composed by 2 superstars. Beside Rungravee there was the Thai girl Chommanee Sor. Taehiran, who with easily defeated the good Italian, Donatella Panu. On the 1st round Fabio di Marco recieved an elbow that knocked him down, which the referees didn’t see and then wasn’t able to find the distance and to win the fight against current Channel 7 champion, Littewada Sittikul. Great performance by Gabriele Casella who defeated by pts the strong Thai Peemai Jitmuangnon, surprising him with a precise and unpredictable back round kick.

We want you to remember that the event will be aired on the important American FOX TV and it’s possible to watch the fight in PPV for only 10$ (Link).

Pictures by Gian Carlo Corba (, Gloria Marfil Fotovídeo & Anna Roca