Mathias faces Mungkornpet!

Mathias faces Mungkornpet!

mathias_phuketMuay Farang in Thailand means more than it actually is today, thanks especially to Mathias Sitsongpeenong and this time he’s paying for it.
Mathias was away at Sitsongpeenong in Phuket for a re-entry fight before more important  tasks and after more than 3 months away from the ring.

Phuket Bangla Stadium promoter advertises on the island with Mathias posters and doesn’t allow Muay Farang Captain any discount, presenting him on the ring a war machine. His name is  Mungkornpet who has an impressive number of low kick and left hook KO victories.

A 30 years old fighter with over than 400 fights and in 24 years never lost by KO.

mungokornpetIt was decided to set the weight to 61kg but the check weight on the island is optional, and Mathias with his Managers bravely ignored  his opponent weight.

Mungkornpet is the best 61kg in Phuket and his opponents are Thai or Farangs weighting from 65 to 73kg.

He has been fighting since he was 6 years old and fought in Bangkok stadiums as Lumpinee and Rajadamnern from 14 to 23 years old, winning the belts in the picture.Danai
Mathias is inexplicably expected as a Bangkok fighter and Mungkornpet, who fights regulary but also teaches at Dragon Gym, shows he’s well trained.

He just fought in Sweden in August and every month fights in Phuket where he also defeated an excellent Scottish fighter Craig Dickinson (HL of the fight).

Mathias faces him with too much serenety and maybe without wanting to risk so the fight was a delusion than what was expected. Mathias is 20 years old and a revenge fight could be a chance for him to break the fast and dangerous Mungkornpet’s undeafeted KO record (Link).

The video: