Card: Mathias G. C. vs Suedam Khongsitta – Super Muay Thai (Buakaw) – 12 Dec 15

Card: Mathias G. C. vs Suedam Khongsitta – Super Muay Thai (Buakaw) – 12 Dec 15

mathias-gallo-cassarino-suedam-khongsitta-super-muay-thai-buakaw-121215As previously announced (News), on Saturday 12th December 2015, the 7 Muay Thai Gym (Rayong) “top” fighter Mathias Gallo Cassarino, will compete in one of today’s best MT events: “Super Muay Thai” organized by superstar Buakaw Banchamek and his manager.

In fact Mathias has been personally selected by Buakaw, as the only Farang champion to compete in 2 “Top” events of the program, held on 5th and 12th December.

After more than a month from the fight against Aranchai Kiatpatarapan (Video) at the Toyota Marathon, this Saturday Mathias will face the strong Thai: Suedam Khongsitta.

We can also notice in the card, the Thai multi champion Petchanong Banchamek and the strong Spanish Aitor Alonso.

Also the Spanish champion Carlos Coello aka Carlos Muay Farang of 7 Muay Thai Gym, fought in a previous edition of the series, in the 4 Man Tournament, winning the first fight by KO but losing the final against the Thai: Klasueg Sitjakla (Video).



Mathias Muay Farang vs Suedam Khongsitta -63kg

Petchanong Banchamek vs Igor Liubchenko  -65kg

Ronnapae Khongsitta vs Vladislav Mikita -58kg

Plypayak Sor Suepetch vs Chanlong Padijinda -70kg

4 Man Tournament -67kg:

Aitor Alonso (Spain) vs Natan Comes Da Dilva (Brazil)

Sannapra Tor Sangtienoi vs Tony Kelly (USA)

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