Mathias Gallo Cassarino in the prestigious “The Circle”

Mathias Gallo Cassarino in the prestigious “The Circle”

The Circle” is an international Martial Arts tournament in which 16 Nations  will compete to gain the “best team of the World” title.

The event will be broadcasted on FOX TV and will reach millions of people in the World.

In the first round Italy will face Thailand and the Italian Team is composed by 4 athletes, 1 female and 3 male:

  • Mathias Gallo Cassarino “Muay Farang Team” captain promoted by Fight1 in this event
  • Fabio Di Marco – 70kg (Fight1)
  • Gabriele Casella – 80kg (FIKBMS)
  • Donatella Panu – 55kg (FIKBMS)

The team is leaded by 2 Masters:

M. Carlo Barbuto (Fight1) and M. Massimo Rizzoli (FIKBMS)

The event will take place on 12th September in Barcelona, Spain and the rules are different from the Muay Thai ones, since elbows can’t be used but some throws are allowed.

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This fight is about the team

The Circle is getting closer! In less than two months a new Combat Sports tournament will be broadcasted worldwide! Fights won't be about a single fighter anymore; the focus is now on the team. Three men and one woman striving for the glory of their country. Sixteen teams made up of true warriors. Are you ready for he battle? New Rules. New Ring. A Clash of Nations.

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