Flash News: Max Muay Thai live aired on Thai Channel 8 from 1st Febraury!

Flash News: Max Muay Thai live aired on Thai Channel 8 from 1st Febraury!

MAX Muay Thai is now aiming at the audience of Sunday’s Muay Thai, historically held by Channel 7 with its program “Muay Thai jed see” (which takes name from the channel’s real name “Chong jed see”, in English “7 colour channel” because of the logo of the channel which shows 7 color).
Recently, Max MT direction, consulted Muay Farang Manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino but for now the objects of these meetings are covered by secrecy.

Maybe, to compete with such a great opponent as Ch 7, Max will need some “excellent” names who are able to show Muay Thai’s potential for a mass audience of a national TV channel, since lately they saved a bit too much money by mostly choosing fighters in the restricted area of Pattaya.

Anywya, Max still  remains one of the few “real” competitions where Thai & Farangs have equal possibilities to win, and with a solid economic coverage.

In sum, Max Muay Thai continues to invest, in fact after opening the brand new Max Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya (News), starting from 1st Febraury 2015 all Sundays Max events will be aired live on public Thai TV  “Channel 8” from 6.20PM to 8.20PM.

We want to remind that at the moment Max events are exclusively aired on Thai satellite CTH (Max Sports Channel N.55).
In this article you can find links to watch live streaming of  Thai Channel 8, and also the weekly Muay Thai program of the best Muay Thai stadiums of Thailand  (Link).
Chok Dee
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