MBK Fight night: Female Kard Chuek

MBK Fight night: Female Kard Chuek

 Last wednesday  jan 17th, MBK hosted its first fightnight of the year for the new edition promoted by Jade Marrisa ,Matthew Deane and K Noi sanctioned by WMO.
Highlight of this event has been without any doubt the highly anticipated challenge between Juliana Rosa-experienced fighter from Brazil, living and competing in Thailand many years already-and Sumantha Highland Gym(tha) in a rarely seen female kard chuek(no gloves/rope fighting) bout scheduled on 3 rounds.

Kard Chuek has already been widely discussed as practice between men due to the often gruesome ending and the high possibility of injury of the boxers, therefore for female MT it is even more questioned.

We would like then to ask our readers what they think about rope fighting,surely spectacular for the thai audience, but would the western world like and/or understand it ?

Myself, writing this article, I competed kard chuek with KO rules after extensive fighting for setting some sort of a milestone in my career and I still vividly remember the unrivalled tension I was into before the beginning of the fight.

Let’s now go back to the actual bout after this short digression: despite the Thai girl appeared to be somehow heavier at the weigh in, the 2 shown up at the same size on the ring and started trading hits from the very beginning in such a fashion that even the commentators forecast an imminent ko.

The young Thai appeared at the beginning to be more precise and somehow able to inflict more damage, and Juliana’s eye at the end of R1 was already visibly swollen.

The Brazilian didn’t look intimidated at all and, motivated by fellow Brazilian fighter Andre Teixeira in her corner, relentlessly moved forward through round 2 scoring a few consistent elbows eventually getting -in our opinion-round 3 for the amount of effort produced.

Very equilibrate match with great heart shown by both girls that the judges scored in favor Sumantha.

We would like to praise both the fighters and the promoters for bringing to us such an entertaining fight that boosted without any doubt popularity of female Muay Thai in Thailand.