H.M. Queen’s Birthday Bangkok 8th August 2014

H.M. Queen’s Birthday Bangkok 8th August 2014

The event sees as main event the defense of WPMF world title of the Italian Mathias Gallo Cassarino.

Mathias Sitsongpeenong should have defended the 135 lbs world title against a very good fighter, tall and technical: Jaisoo Tor Thepsutin, trained by the legend Somrak Kamsing.

Promoting the event was Keawsamrit Gym owner and manager, where Juan Mario (Spain) opponent against which Mathias won the title in 2013 and that, surprisingly, on the 28th of July 2014 becomes interim champion of the same category (135lbs) thanks to Keawsamrit camp who orgainzed the event and matched him with the French Arthur Dertis Patrick.

The day before the weigh-ins Mathias’ opponent was changed, Jaisoo Tor Thepsutin apparently pulled out, strange seen that he was present at the press conference. Therefore, the new opponent is Captain Ken Pinsinchai (who now is a trainer at Keawsamrit).

A 30 y.o. fighter, south paw, with a lot of experience that years back defeated the yod muay  Sam-A Kaiyanghadao, but now not in the best shape. Mathias’ prepared the whole time to fight Jaisoo. The thai Captain Ken in theory should not have been a problem for Mathias, anyhow 24 hours from the weigh-in and training completed, all the plans are useless and Mathias reacts to this change in the wrong way, he still takes the fight like any professional would do but leaves all the motivation to fight and enthusiasm at home. Inexcusable mistake for a fighter of his level, we dare to say with all the respect.

It is also right to note how the fight was steered by the promoter who cuts all the round which by rule should be of 3 minutes and they all lasted around 2.5 minutes. The video is an indelible proof being broadcasted live on TV and exposes noticeably WPMF and Keawsamrit, camp where the Thai fighter stays and that organized the event. Therefore, it’s clear that the will was to help the home fighter who didn’t have much to give out but with alot of experience with foreigners, since he teaches everyday. Unthinkable for a professional world title where the length of the rounds are crucial for the validity of it. An hostile climate where it was hard for Mathias to concentrate and timings to cose his opponent at the ropes and the result is a quite boring fight and a title that comes back to Thailand, here is the fight: