Results/Videos: WLF Glory of Heroes 2 – 7 May 2016

Results/Videos: WLF Glory of Heroes 2 – 7 May 2016

Below results and videos of the great Chinese Kickboxing & MMA event Glory of Heroes 2, organized by the Chinese promotion WLF (Wu Lin Feng). The event took place yesterday (7th May 2016) in Shenzen, Cina.

  • Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand) wins by pts vs Tie Yinghua (China) – Kickboxing – 68kg
  • Khayal Dzhaniev (Russia) wins by pts vs Zhao Chunyang (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg
  • Enriko Kehl (Germany) wins by TKO R2 vs Jiao Fukai (China) – Kickboxing – 72kg
  • Cedric Doumbe (France) wins by pts vs Brad Riddell (New Zealand) – Kickboxing – 75kg
  • Wei Rui (China) wins by pts vs Ban Yungsong (Japan) – Kickboxing – 63kg
  • Massaro Glunder (Netherlands) wins by pts vs Yang Zhuo (China) – Kickboxing – 67kg
  • Tepthanee Winai (Thailand) wins by pts vs Liu Xiangming (China) – Kickboxing – 65kg
  • Yun Qi (China) wins by pts vs Sergio Wielzen (Netherlands) – Kickboxing – 60kg
  • Deng Zeqi (China) wins by pts vs Artur Makouski (Belarus)  – Kickboxing – 63kg
  • Ievgenii Kurovskoy (Ukraine) wins by pts vs Hu Yafei (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg
  • Qiu Jianliang (China) wins by pts vs Jaidee Noppakit (Thailand) – Kickboxing – 67kg


Kem Sitsongpeenong vs Tie YinghuaEnriko Kehl vs Jiao FukaiBrad Riddell vs Doumbe Cedric

Massaro Glunder vs Yang ZhuoChok Dee