Results/Videos: Kunlun Fight 31 – Bangkok – 28th September 2015

Results/Videos: Kunlun Fight 31 – Bangkok – 28th September 2015

Hereunder results of the 31st edition of the great Chinese event: Kunlun Fight, that was held yesterday (28/09/2015) at Bangkok, Thailand (News).

Kunlun Fight Middleweight World Championship Top 8 (-70kg) – Group A:

  • Sittichai Sitsongpeenong defeats by pts Jonay Risco
  • Superball Banchamek defeats by KO R2 Zheng Zhaoyu

Kunlun Fight Female Staw Weight World Championship Tournament Group B (-52kg):

  • Isis Verbect defeats by pts Zhao Xinrui
  • Xu Zhurong defeats by pts Delia 

Superfights and Rookie Fights:

  • Milad Farzad defeats by pts Namphol Nampakdee
  • Petchanong Banchamek defeats by pts Gu Hui
  • Vladimir Shuliak defeats by pts Zhao Yan
  • Bai Lishuai defeats by pts Jonathan Tuhu
  • Bubigere defeats by KO R1 Nasser Fadla
  • Zhang Guangyi defeats by pts Omar Sellami

Full videos soon, in premiere only for!

Superbon Banchamek VS Zhang zhao yu

SUPERBON BANCHAMEK (Winner) (Thailand) vs. Zheng Zhaoyu (China) KUNLUN Fight … 28 September 2015 …. Middleweight World Championship Tournament Top 8 – Group A – 70kg – Semifinal 1

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Chok Dee

Photo by: Extreme Shot Films