Roberto Gallo Cassarino_Muay FarangRoberto Gallo Cassarino is a Sicilian descendant born in Turin (Italy). He’s the author of some important articles published on the blog and with his ‘guides’ he was able to have a big echo into the Italian and global Muay Thai world, as he easily and clearly explained quite complex concepts, for example, of Muay Thai scoring concepts.
Roberto is an expert of the country of Thailand, where he arrived first when he was 19 and went back periodically until 2005, when he moved there with his family. In the previous years he leaded several companies with great success, especially in Italy, with branches in Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and USA. He built one of the biggest empires in the field of medical and dental “micro tools”.
His basic formation is closely linked to communication, in fact he’s considered a leading expert in communications applied to sales and NPL, topics on which he held more than 200 specific seminars and courses, always on commercial or marketing related.

He approached Muay Thai world for pure passion. In his youth, he practiced martial arts since the age of 10, starting from Viet Vo Dao until he won the Full Contact and Savate Italian Champion titles, respectively in 1982 and 1984. Since the first years in Thailand, he has been training just to keep in shape, having abandoned his professional career for the business man one.

The passion for Thailand leaded him to completely fall in Love with Muay Thai. And after his son, Mathias, began fighting in Thailand when he was only 12, he decided to devote all him self to him and later as well to young talents as well as well known Nak Muays, as a manager and sometimes coach (technical and mental health training, besides the career formation).