Card: Kem, Kehl, Wielzen, Dzhaniev etc at Glory of Heroes 2 – China – 7 May 2016

Card: Kem, Kehl, Wielzen, Dzhaniev etc at Glory of Heroes 2 – China – 7 May 2016

The second edition of the Kickboxing and MMA event “Glory of Heroes“, organized by the big Chinese combat sports organization WLF (Wu Lin Feng), will take place on Saturday, 7th May 2016 in Shenzhen, China.

This edition also features an excellent card, such as the one of the first edition, that took place a month ago (2nd April 2016); in fact great Kickboxing and Muay Thai champions will compete in the event, such as Kem Sitsongpeenong, Enriko Kehl, Sergio Wielzen, Khayal Dhzaniev, Cedric Doumbe,  Massaro Glunder, Jiao Fukai, Wei Rui  and more.

Interesting matchmaking and the fight between the 2 Kickboxers Enriko Kehl, who has recently faced the Shaolin monk Yi Long at Glory of Heroes 1, and the Chinese Jiao Fukai, who’s well known for the fights against Andy Souwer and Giorgio Petrosyan (at WLF Shanghai – January ’16). 

The event will be aired live on Chinese channel Henan TV from 21.15 GMT+8 (Link Streaming 1Link Streaming 2) other Chinese streaming services from 18.00 GMT+8: Wasu: (DesktopMobile), Letv: (DesktopMobile), Youku,iQiyi,,, Kankan, CN Live*.


1st part, broadcast on the Chinese streaming services – 18.00 GMT+8:

  • Sergio Wielzen (Netherlands) vs Yun Qi (China) – Kickboxing – 60kg
  • Ji Xian (China) vs Ayton De Paepe (Belgium) – MMA – 63kg
  • He Nannan (China) vs Andrey Mitrofanov (Ukraine) – MMA – 70kg
  • Liu Wenbo (China) vs Kurban Omarov (Russia) – MMA – 93kg
  • Cedric Doumbe (France) vs Brad Riddell (New Zealand)- Kickboxing – 75kg
  • Hu Yafei (China) vs Ievgenii Kurovskoy (Ukraine) – Kickboxing – 70kg
  • Khayal Dzhaniev (Russia) vs Zhao Chunyang (China) – Kickboxing – 70kg

2nd part, broadcast on Henan TV  – 21.15 GMT+8:

  • Deng Zeqi (China) vs Artur Makouski (Belarus)  – Kickboxing – 63kg
  • Jiao Fukai (China) vs Enriko Kehl (Germany) – Kickboxing – 72kg
  • Israel Adesanya (New Zealand) vs Andrew Flores Smith (Peru) – MMA – 84kg
  • Qiu Jianliang (China) vs Jaidee Noppakit (Thailand) – Kickboxing – 67kg
  • Wei Rui (China) vs Ban Yungsong (Japan) – Kickboxing – 63kg
  • Massaro Glunder (Netherlands) vs Yang Zhuo (China) – Kickboxing – 67kg
  • Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand)vs Tie Yinghua (China) – Kickboxing – 68kg
  • Liu Xiangming (China) vs Tepthanee Winai (Thailand) – Kickboxing – 65kg

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