Flash News: Thailand gets into “Fight Clubs”

Flash News: Thailand gets into “Fight Clubs”

thailand-gets-into-fight-clubs-25816Lately, videos of Street fighting, where anyone can prove themselves and face perfect strangers, taking place in Thailand, precisely in Bangkok’s streets, is becoming viral.

These events, organized by a group named “Fight Club Thailand“, feature hundreds of people gathered to watch common people fighting with minimal necessary protection: MMA gloves and mouth guard.

The fights take place outdoors, where the “ring” is made up of a circle of people watching and waiting their turn, and, surprisingly, there is always a referee and a doctor present.

Everyone can compete in these mixed martial art fights (Muay Thai, MMA, ecc), starting from 16 years old boys to 36 yo men.

Obviously these events are illegal, in fact a law of 1899 sanctions every unlicensed fight. Police are already working to stop this new trend that is always gaining more fame between Thai and even “Farangs”.

It actually is a strange trend to takes place in Thailand, Muay Thai’s own homeland; as it’s very easy to be able to train and fight Muay Thai in Thailand, so easy that we could compare it to a football game between friends… but maybe the frustration of the big cities make people want to break laws.

We have to admit that these are well organized events, featuring Facebook pages, Youtube channels and even professional photographers and videomakers at every “event”.

But still, they forgot the first rule of Fight Club….!  🙂


Chok Dee