First title fight for new event “Lumpinee World Champion”

First title fight for new event “Lumpinee World Champion”

Lumpinee 19-8-17 .The “new” Lumpinee Stadium located in Ramintra (Bangkok) is looking to re-launch with a new show called ‘Lumpinee World Champion‘ which has been released just a few weeks ago. It goes down every Saturday at 20.30 h. following the usual appointments of the earlier afternoon cards.
The promotion aims to highlight Nak Muays of different nationalities in the classic 5×3 format ruled by traditional scoring, in opposition to the mainstream of recent shows that develop almost entirely on the 3×3 distance.

Five bouts are scheduled for Saturday, 19th August 2017 featuring some “thai vs farang” and an almost unseen “farang vs farang” format.
Kick-starting the event will be Antony 7 Muay Thai Gym who will face the Thai Kampan Sortawanrung at 60kg.
The main event, on the other hand, features the first “Lumpinee World Champion” belt at 72, 5kg, which we believe is the vacant Lumpinee Stadium title belt, between the Thai Noppakaw and Erhin from Turkey.


(main event) “Lumpinee World Champion” title fight (160 lbs)
Noppakaw Siriluckmuaythai vs Erhin Yokkaoseanchaimuaythai (Turkey)

Rodolfo Phunmanumangacademy (Brazil) vs Julian Torsilachai (France)

Ivan Numpornthep (Belarus) vs Biwen Ayonggym (France)

Kunsueknoi Sorsorkamseng (Laos) vs Mohammad Hasim (Malaysia)

Kampan Sortawanrung vs Antony 7MuayThaiGym (Italy)

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