Towards the real Muay Thai: Doubts and fears of a beginner | Part 2

Towards the real Muay Thai: Doubts and fears of a beginner | Part 2

Below the second part of the interesting article about the doubts and fears that a novice or beginner can have before approaching a Muay Thai camp in Thailand (1st part – Link). Written by Michele Basile.


7mt-7-muay-thai-gym-training-camp-thailand-boxing-world-champions-best-gym-2016Talking about the training per se, especially if you are a novice or beginner, you may think you’re not able to stand the rhythms of those who are more prepared. This is plausible, since you’ll train beside  elite athletes, but a highly professional camp features wise management for the student’s improvement process, even if you’re a total novice. The main goal is, and it will always be,is to make you be able to stand more experienced athletes in a short time, at least from a athletic view. The staff, in collaboration with the Ajarn (grand master) and the Kru (instructors), will appositely study  an ideal teaching road-map for you, changing the training program ad hoc in case it will be needed. You must also remember that the best Thai instructors are real chameleons, in fact they’re able to hold pads and withstand the strong professional fighters series of hits, but at the same time, they can also follow step by step beginners and teach them how to kick or strike an elbow in the right way.

It’s very important not to despair, you can make it…. but it’s also true that those who live only with bread and Muay Thai, will be able to motivate you!

7mt-7-muay-thai-gym-training-camp-thailand-boxing-world-champions-best-gym-2016-4Another sore point is the food, especially when you travel and are far away from home. People often think its difficult to get used to a very different diet from our home’seded. Fortunately Thai cuisine is very delicious and vast (and must be said, also very spicy), and you can find healthy dishes, suited for a real athlete’s diet. It could be difficult to chose those dishes, but the camp could certainly help you choose wisely. For example, at “7 Muay Thai“, guests can buy the food package, that features a menu studied for healthy people, that changes every day and aims to give you the necessary energies, without harmful substances, for your training.

Finally, if you’re not travelling alone, you may have more concerns about your partner or sons stay. Usually camps that features bedrooms for their guests are real spartan (a simple mattress on the ground), but you can also find camps with respectable rooms, such as happened to me. If who’s travelling with you isn’t a Muay Thai appassionate and just wants to relax, I can suggest you not to go in overcrowded cities (Thai ones are very chaotic) and choose a quiet place, maybe  nearby the beach.

To conclude, most of the time ,these concerns are unfounded, only if you are able to choose wisely where to spend your training/holiday, and you show a small sign of adaptability towards a new and different contest. Sometimes mountains can look insurmountable but the crossing can become a walk if you find the right way.