Video: Sangmanee vs Thanonchai & Seksan vs Thaksinlek – Rajadamnern Stadium – 24/02/2016

An intense and exciting event, the one of yesterday night (25/02/2016) held at the legendary Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, and organized by the “OneSongchai” promotion.
In the main event fought the 2 Thai aces: Sangmanee Sor Tienpo vs Thanonchai Thanakorn; a nice match fought without stops. During the 2nd round Thanonchai cutted his opponent and even with a big cut Sangmanee fought with great heart for the victory that he coulnd’t achieve.
Also a great fight was the one of Thaksinlek vs Seksan, won by points by Seksan, who counted his opponent during the 3rd round; great heart also by Thaksinlek who was able to recover and finish the fight.

Sangmanee Sor. Tienpo (128lbs,RED) vs Thanonchai Thanakorn (130lbs,BLUE)
แสงมณี vs ธนญชัย
Seksan Or. Kwanmuang (131lbs,RED) vs Thaksinlek Kiatniwat (131lbs,BLUE)
เสกสรร vs ทักษิณเล็ก

Videos by Timo Ruge – Muay Ties
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