The Muay Thai Legends: Buakaw Banchamek

The Muay Thai Legends: Buakaw Banchamek


Buakaw Banchamek_Buakaw Por Pramuk_Muay Thai-k1 (1)Name: Sombat Banchamek

Fighting Name: Buakaw Por Pramuk (1997-2012) – Buakaw Banchamek

Born: 8 Maggio 1982

Started career: 1990

Ended career: –


  • 2014 WBC Muaythai Diamond World Championship -70 kg.
  • 2014 WMC 154 lbs World champion
  • 2012 Thai Fight Tournament champion -70 kg
  • 2011 Thai Fight Tournament champion -70 kg
  • 2011 WMC World 154lbs champion
  • 2010 Shoot Boxing S-Cup World champion
  • 2009 WMC/MAD Muaythai World champion
  • 2006 K-1 World MAX champion
  • 2006 WMC Super-Welterweight World champion
  • 2005 S-1 Super-Welterweight World champion
  • 2004 K-1 World MAX champion
  • 2003 KOMA GP Lightweight champion
  • 2002 Toyota Marathon Tournament 140 lbs winner
  • Omnoi Stadium Lightweight champion
  • 2001 Professional Boxing Association of Thailand Featherweight champion
  • Omnoi Stadium Featherweight champion


Buakaw was born at Ban Ko Kaeo in Surin province (North-East Thailand).

Buakaw Banchamek_Buakaw Por Pramuk_Muay Thai-k1 (6)When he was 7 he started training with his brother in his house and started fighting. At 12 y.o. he moved to Por Pramuk Gym, owned by the famous Bangkok promoter Mr.Pramuk Rojanathan. Buakaw started to fight under the gym name, that is located in Chachoengsao (50km from Bangkok). Since that moment until 2004 Buakaw collected several titles: Thailand Champion, two times the Omnoi Stadium title and won the Toyota Marathon in 2012.

Even though he won two Omnoi Stadium belts, Buakaw never won a Lumpinee Stadium belt.

Buakaw real success started in 2004, when Ingram Gym, owned by the Japanese Hideki Suzuki, promoted him to the famous Japanese event K-1 World Max Tournament. Buakaw, who was unknown outside Thailand, defeated in one night some of the best international Champions of that time: the well known Australian John Wayne Parr, the Japanese Takayuki Kohiruimaki and Masato. That night Buakaw won the K-1 World Max belt.

Buakaw then became a superstar; in 2005 he faced and won on pts Jean Charles Skarbowsky and the year after (2006) he won again the K-1 World Max belt after defeating: the Japanese Yoshihiro Sato, the Armenian Gago Drago and the Dutch Andy Souwer in the final.

Buakaw Banchamek_Buakaw Por Pramuk_Muay Thai-k1 (7)In 2008 he faced for the second time Yoshihiro Sato at K-1 World Max quarter finals; in this fight Buakaw lost by KO on 3rd Round.

In 2011 he took place in the new born Thai Show «Thai Fight» and won the -70kg tournament (a 1 year tournament) by beating the Italian/Australian Frank Giorgi in the final.

During the beginning of March 2012, Buakaw dissapeard from Por Pramuk gym and 2 weeks later he reappeared in a Thai talk show, in which he apologized to his fans and stated that since 2009 he was having problems with his Manager and camp owner (Mr. Pramuk), mainly because Buakaw was being badly treated and Mr. Pramuk was taking most of Buakaw’s earnings.

Buakaw decided to abandon Por Pramuk gym and to fight with the name Buakaw Buakaw Banchamek_Buakaw Por Pramuk_Muay Thai-k1_masatoBanchamek, his real surname and name of the gym he opened while he dissapeard from his old gym. He reappeared on the ring on the 22nd of March at Thai Fight with the name Buakaw Banchamek, but because he was (and still is) linked to Por Pramuk Gym with a contract that will last his whole career, Mr. Pramuk sued Buakaw & Thai Fight. The legal war between Buakaw and Mr.Pramuk ended with an agreement in which Buakaw was free to fight under Banchamek name but always giving a percentage of the income from fights that were fixed by Por Pramuk Gym.
In 2006 faced the legend Jomhod Kiatsidak and won by KO via low kicks.
In 2007 scored a Draw against Giorgio Petrosyan, who at that time still wasn’t famous.
In 2010 Buakaw played in the Thai movie Yamada with  Saenchai, Yodsanklai & Anuwat Kaewsamrit : The Samurai of Ayothaya .

In 2013, Timo Ruge of Champ Boxing Magazine, produced an interesting film/documentary on Buakaw: Buakaw – Boxer, Legend, Legacy.

Also, in 2014 Buakaw started to play as a striker in RBAC Football Club.

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