Flash News: Free Entry at Lumpinee every Friday – Muay Thai League

Flash News: Free Entry at Lumpinee every Friday – Muay Thai League


Muay Thai League by ToyotaLately, in only a few months time we have witnessed the birth of multiple new Muay Thai events in the Thailand scene. We can say Muay Thai League, sponsored by Toyota, stands out for it’s structure and not only.

MTL is promoted directly by the Thai Government, which continues its quest to promote Muay Thai related tourism, as we have seen in the past with events like Muay Thai Angels, which is in fact partner of MTL.

The big news for Muay Thai fans based in Thailand is that every Friday, starting from October 7th 2016, the event will be held at Lumpinee Stadium starting from 4.00 pm and the entry will be free of charge! It will also be broadcasted live by Thairath TV (16.00 – 17.30 Thai time).

Muay Thai League will be structured with tournaments in four different weight classes (67, 70, 72.5 & 77 kg), in which both Thai and Farang fighters will be competing.
After the first single elimination round there will be 10 fighters left in each weight class, whom will all fight each other and the top 2 contenders will compete for the final prize of 500.000 Baht (around 12.500 euro).

«Nowadays, there are many skilled foreign fighters living in Thailand, training at big gyms, therefore, we need to give them a chance as well; and Thai fighters have been doing this since kids so they have to be able to take them» sayd Mr. Sakon Wannapong (Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand)

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