Another disappointing verdict from WPMF

Another disappointing verdict from WPMF


An other very debatable verdict from WMPF, in an event that was held on 4th December at Sanam Luang in Bangkok, in occasion of H.M. King’s of Thailand birthday.

Lately WPMF is always more disappointing, because of a unclear politics.

Claudio Eminent Air aka Claudio Amoruso (Italia) faced Rajadamnern champion Jos Ingram GYM aka Jos Mendonca (Brazil).

Unfortunately the videos is speeded up and not very clear, but experts including Muay Farang’s ones who were there, saw Amoruso win the fight.

Re-watching the fight, is clear that there was a close won by Claudio  and we can see Jos many times was on the floor.

The ring was very wet because it rained before the fight and the organization didn’t provide a cover for the ring, but the ring was slippery for both fighters!

We leave the judgments to the readers (Video at the end of the article)!

In the same night Juan Mario Kawsamrit defended his ‘interim’ belt against a young Thai opponent: Surim Banchamek.

So the WPMF lost a good opportunity to see Juan Mario against Mathias Gallo Cassarino, maybe again for the World title.

We want to remember that Mathias previously on 26th July 2013 defeated Juan Mario (Video) who now is champion and Mathias is Ranked n 10°(Link) . But Juan Mario has something more than Mathias: he trains at Kaewsamrit!